Cutoff JEE Mains Rank for Top 5 NITs: A State-wise Perspective

Ajitesh Shukla 

For engineering aspirants in India, cracking the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Mains is just the first step towards securing a seat in the prestigious National Institute of Technology (NIT). The competition is fierce, and understanding the cutoff ranks for different NITs can significantly aid students in their preparation and decision-making process. In this blog, we’ll delve into the cutoff ranks for the top 5 NITs, focusing particularly on the “Other State” quota, shedding light on how this data can be invaluable for students across various states. Access the page for greater details on cut-off ranks across different NITs, IIIT, GFTIs, and IIEST.

Insights from Cutoff Ranks of Top 5 NITs

Let’s take a closer look at the cutoff ranks for the top 5 NITs for the “Other State” quota, sourced from the JOSAA counseling data for the last year, 2023:

Institute NameOpening RankOpening DepartmentsCutoff DepartmentsCutoff RankCategoryQuota
National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli176Computer Science and Engineering (4 Years, B.Tech)Production Engineering (4 Years, B.Tech)25958OPENOS
National Institute of Technology Delhi4278Computer Science and Engineering (4 Years, B.Tech)Civil Engineering (4 Years, B.Tech)27574OPENOS
National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal966Computer Science and Engineering (4 Years, B.Tech)Mining Engineering (4 Years, B.Tech)30068OPENOS
Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad2758Computer Science and Engineering (4 Years, B.Tech)Bio Technology (4 Years, B.Tech)35995OPENOS
National Institute of Technology, Rourkela2529Computer Science and Engineering (4 Years, B.Tech)Life Science (5 Years, Integrated M.Sc)49862OPENOS

Variety in Cutoff Ranks: So, here’s the deal – when it comes to cutoff ranks for NITs, there are significant differences between cutoff ranks of different NITs including the top 5 NITs. Take NIT Tiruchirappalli, for example. You could snag a spot there with a rank of around 25,958. But if you’re eyeing NIT Rourkela, you can get in with a much lower rank such as 49,862.

Mix it Up with Departmental Variation: It’s not just about overall ranks; it’s also about what you’re studying. At NIT Delhi, for instance, the bar for Computer Science and Engineering is set higher than for Civil Engineering.

State-wise Strategy: Picture this: you’re from Karnataka, dreaming of studying at NIT Tiruchirappalli. Knowing the cutoff ranks under the “Other State” quota is your secret weapon. To secure your spot in the department you want, you’d need to aim for a rank below 25,958. It’s like having insider info for your JEE Mains journey.

Game Plan with Strategic Planning: Armed with this data, you’re a JEE Mains strategist. You can tailor your prep to match the cutoff trends for different NITs and departments. Plus, when it comes to filling out those preference lists during counseling sessions, you’ll be making moves like a pro, aiming for the lowest ranks possible. It’s like plotting your path to success with a treasure map where “X” marks the spot with the smallest number.

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